CFS Trustees

Covenant Fellowship Scotland is registered with OSCR as
Scottish Charity SC043628.

Trustees of the charity are:

Rev Louis Kinsey
Rev Stuart Love
Rev Professor Andrew McGowan 
Mr Kenneth Mackenzie
Rev Mark Malcolm
Rev Ann McCool
Rev Alen McCulloch
Rev Hector Morrison
Rev Francis Murphy
Rev Peter Nelson
Mr David Nicolson
Rev Ramsay Shields
Rev Colin Strong

Consider Supporting CFS

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

If you feel able to contribute to the running costs of Covenant Fellowship Scotland then please email the Director and we will provide details of how to do so, and, where appropriate, a Gift Aid form.

Thank you.

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CFS launch andrew mcgowanWe believe that the Church of Scotland is moving away from its roots in Scripture and the Westminster Confession of Faith.  We believe that the time has come for the creation of a ‘Covenant Fellowship’ within the Church.  This Covenant Fellowship will draw together those who believe that the Scriptures, in their entirety, are the Word of God and must provide the basis for everything we believe and do.  Our vision is nothing less than the reformation and renewal of the Church of Scotland, in accordance with the Word of God and by the empowering of his life-giving Spirit.

The Church of Scotland is facing a severe crisis.  A majority of Presbyteries has now adopted an Overture which would permit those in same-sex civil partnerships to serve as ministers and deacons in the Church.  Many people feel that the only way to protest against this unscriptural move is to leave the Church of Scotland.  Many ministers, elders, members and adherents have done so already and more will follow.  While respecting that position, our hearts’ desire is to remain within the Church, in order to seek its reformation from within, although we recognise that not all will feel able to make such an unqualified commitment.

It is important that we remain, however, without compromising our integrity.  We refuse to be complicit in any act of disobedience to the Lord’s Word taken by the Church and we do not accept the trajectory which the Church has chosen, whatever the General Assembly of 2015 decides in respect of the Overture.  We believe that, if the Church continues on the present trajectory, it will have departed from its constitutional basis as defined by Scripture, the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Declaratory Articles.   We believe that it is our prophetic duty to challenge this, to protest and to call the Church to repentance on this matter.

The Covenant Fellowship is not being formed simply to protest on one issue. We long to see our nation won for Christ and commit ourselves with renewed and prayerful zeal to being involved in the outworking of the mission of God in our own day and into the future, by every God-honouring means, however traditional or imaginative and radically innovative.

However, the Overture currently before the Church has brought us to this point of decisive and concerted action.  The departure from the plain teaching of Scripture, of which the Overture is a symptom, gives us cause for concern regarding the whole future direction of the Church. Many members of the Church of Scotland are deeply unhappy about the present trajectory but have had no opportunity to register their dissent or to call for the Church to return to the truth revealed in Scripture.  Expressing your support for the Covenant Fellowship provides this opportunity.  More detailed information about the structure and development of the Covenant Fellowship will be available in early 2015.

If you share our conviction that the Church is in grave danger and want to register your protest on this issue while continuing to be involved in the mission of God to our nation and beyond through the national church, please express your support for the Covenant Fellowship’s stand. There is no charge for doing so.  

The Covenant Fellowship Scotland declaration can be read by clicking here.

You can express your support for the Covenant Fellowship by going to our contact page here.