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The Trustees of Covenant Fellowship Scotland met recently to discuss the way ahead. One of the key points to come out of these discussions was to recognise again the deep sense of calling that so many have for God's work within the Church of Scotland and for its renewal and unity.

As Trustees we were challenged by the question "are we using the tools that God gives us as Christians; His Word the Bible and the power of prayer, individual and gathered?" James 5:16 is often quoted in part but it is worth looking at the verse as a whole; "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."

We are heartened and encouraged to see the launch of the "Together We Pray" initiative from the Church of Scotland which will run over the coming months until May 2018. We will be fully supporting this and highlighting the various elements of this on our website and on Facebook in the weeks ahead as they are launched.

We would ask that, as the Trustees commit to praying about the future shape and work of Covenant Fellowship Scotland and how best it engages with the whole of the Church in congregations across the country, you would do three things:

  1. pray for clarity and vision for the Trustees of CFS and our core calling of working in the Church of Scotland for reformation and renewal
  2. pray for the Church of Scotland itself and, in particular, for "Together We Pray", that it might be a time when many of us reinvigorate our prayer life and lay hold on the Lord, recognising our own failings but coming in the righteousness imputed to us by the work of Christ and believing, as James says, that our prayers will be powerful and effective
  3. visit our website and Facebook page and encourage others throughout the whole of the church to do the same - we will be focusing on providing information and encouragement through these channels on a much more regular basis than we have for a while

Thank you for your continued support.