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A list of the key points which will be discussed at the General Assembly from 19th to 25th May has been compiled based on the Reports in the Blue Book. Click here to go to the article.

Please pray for those who will be Commissioners at this year's Assembly as they are asked to discuss and debate issues across the full breadth of the Church's activities.

Particular points for prayer include:

  • The work carried out and reported on by the Council of Assembly regarding the Strategy for the Church for the next 10 years "Worshipping God, Inspiring Faith, Connecting People" and the ongoing acknowledgement that prayer is vital, resulting in a recommendation to Assembly that further National Days of Prayer be held
  • The work reported on by the Panel on Review and Reform on how Ministry might be practised across the country - that the options being considered might allow and encourage the faithful preaching of the Word of God and real pastoral care for those being ministered to
  • The reports from Legal Questions Committee and the Theological Forum which again touch on the issue of Same-sex Marriage; that the legal opinion given might be studied carefully and precipitate action avoided, given the unchanging need to weigh any action up against scripture  and recognising the real concerns of those within the Church who see this as the wrong direction to be taking and who might find themselves under threat of legal action if they decide they will not be party to any further liberalisation of the Church's position.
    That the rightful concern for reconciliation and the ongoing work on this might not be pursued without consideration and regard for the  consequences on the basis of the beliefs and doctrines of the Church
  • The Overture which is to be brought seeking to reassess the importance and place of the Westminster Confession within the Church; that energies, time and effort may not be sucked in to supporting work on this rather than missional ministry and reaching out to the people in communities throughout Scotland with the Gospel of Christ
  • That every Commissioner might approach Assembly in a spirit of prayerful listening for God's voice speaking to them and then through them into the proceedings

Roadshow 2017 map landscapeFollowing the series of "On The Road" meetings held in 2016, the Councils of the Church have been drafting up a Strategic Plan as part of planning for the future.

As we await details about the National Day of Prayer (the impetus for which came out of the grass-roots meetings held across Scotland last year) let us all pray for those in the Councils as they come out "on the road" again to share progress and hear comments and feedback.

A number of dates have been lined up, all prior to the November Day of Prayer - if there is an event near you then go along and take part - let's all play our part in focusing the future strategy of the Church around the Word of God and its key message of "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbour as yourself."

Let us be people of the Word and people of deed also in showing the love of God to all around us, in the Church of Scotland and throughout the land of Scotland.

Details of dates and venues and a link to book places are here.

Please encourage others in your congregation to be part of this process and proclaim Christ in our Church and land.

Following the call to prayer from the General Assembly in May, the "Together We Pray" initiative from the Church of Scotland has been launched. We welcome this and urge all within Covenant Fellowship Scotland and the wider Church of Scotland to take part.

An introduction is available here and we will highlight other elements of the initiative as they are launched.

In common with many in the Kirk, CFS only became aware of the report from the Theological Forum as a result of it being leaked to the press and as a consequence of which it ended up in the media on Tuesday before even commissioners to the General Assembly had sight of it or had time to read or reflect upon it. We will need some days to prayerfully study and reflect upon the report and how we might respond to it. As we do this we would ask for your prayers.


 The latest Newsletter is now available and has been sent out to our Supporters' network.

With the title "Looking Back and Looking Forward" it highlights some of the main points arising from the last few months and includes specific prayer points for the start of 2017 and onward into the year.

Please pass the newsletter or the link on to any who may be supportive of Covenant Fellowship Scotland.

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Download this file (Winter Newsletter December 2016 cf.pdf)Winter Newsletter December 2016 cf.pdf 160 kB

GA 2016 Cover

The 2016 General Assembly takes place in the next few weeks. It is important that we commit this to prayer as there are many issues which will be discussed on which we believe that God would want an evangelical, biblical view expressed.

At the recent pre-Assembly Gathering we agreed that we should prayerfully resist the Overture relating to Ministers and Deacons in Same-sex Marriage but we recognised that this is not the only issue on which Covenant Fellowship Scotland has a contribution to make.

A very helpful set of notes was presented covering the key points which will be discussed each day at Assembly. You can access that document here.

Please pray for grace and strength for Commissioners for what is a long week, and also for God to work in the whole Assembly to renew the Church that it might turn back to its reformed, biblical roots.


The Trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Smith as the new Director of Covenant Fellowship Scotland. Eric is an Elder and Session Clerk at Brightons Parish Church of Scotland, just outside Falkirk.

After an extended career in the chemical industry, Eric has been employed, since 2008, as a consultant offering administrative support to a Christian charity working in the business community in Edinburgh.

In his own words: “I am delighted and, at the same time, humbled to be given the opportunity to work for Covenant Fellowship Scotland. There is a great need for prayerful work within our national Church to reform and renew it and to bring it back on to the Scriptural pathway that God desires. I would greatly value your prayers in the coming months as the Trustees and I work to implement our strategy.”

Eric can be contacted at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The latest newsletter from Covenant Fellowship Scotland is now available for download with topics covered being:

  • New Director
  • pre-Assembly Gathering in Edinburgh
  • Supporters' Gatherings
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Download this file (CFS Newsletter April 2016.pdf)CFS Newsletter April 2016.pdfApril Newsletter134 kB

Please find the January 2016 Covenant Fellowship Newsletter attached below, or download it by clicking here: http://covenantfellowshipscotland.com/attachments/article/34/2016_Jan_CFS_Newsletter.pdf

You will find news & information on the following:

  • The Reformation of the Church
  • Development Co-ordinator
  • Financial Support
  • Gatherings for Ministers
  • Regional Gatherings
  • Positive Approach
  • Theological Forum
  • Support Covenant Fellowship Scotland
  • New Chairman

Could Ministers please print the newsletter for those in their congregation who support CFS? Please feel free to share this newsletter with others who may be sympathetic to CFS.

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Download this file (2016_Jan_CFS_Newsletter.pdf)2016_Jan_CFS_Newsletter.pdfCovenant Fellowship Scotland Newsletter January 2016130 kB